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Ready to get renovation?
Be it your home, retail stores or commercial office,
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The Doctor Of Ceiling™

Everyone wants everything to be fine beneath the ceiling. We provide the clear and simple way to make it happen.

Partition Wall

When you set out to improve your space, partitions can meet your fit out and refurbishment requirements.


Give your room and office a completely different feel. Specialise and distinguish yourself now.


Let The Doctor Of Ceiling™ take care of your leaking issue by catching problems early with constant vigilance.

Maintenance & Services

When it comes to maintenance, engineering services and improvements, our possibilities are endless

Why Choose Us

There are so many possibilities to consider when it comes to renovation, improvement and engineering services. Every day we strive to provide the best for our clients.
We deliver successful projects by fulfilling the objectives for aesthetic and functional quality, budget, and schedule for timely completion.
Hong Yie can help you enhance your project's value and earn a return on your investment.
The mission of Hong Yie is to provide the highest quality service to our customers.
We are proud of our fine reputation for the quality of work we perform.
Our extensive list of repeat clients is the proof. Their loyalty to us epitomizes the Company’s objectives to meet and exceed each client needs.
Our tradesmen are chosen for their skill, reliability and honesty.
We provide continuing education about the renovation, maintenance and services to our employees as well as our customers so we can have the leading edge of information in the market.

Our Skills

Professionalism - 98%
Quality - 100%
Cost Saving - 95%
Other Supports and Services - 100%

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